Industry collaborations

The valorization of research results is one of the Institute's key missions. We want to put our discoveries to practical use by actively promoting technology transfer and a culture of open innovation with our partners. AMI's research strategy is based on the philosophy of exploiting synergies that arise through the dual role of “early-stage research”, which allows scientists, if the topics are shrewdly selected, to advance fundamental science and generate results that are of value to industrial partners.

Possible collaboration models

Industry-funded research projects
  • Application-oriented research in fields of mutual interest
  • Financing of project cost through partner
  • Company gets rights to commercially exploit IP in their field of use
  • AMI keeps IP rights outside of company field of use
  • Exclusive IP rights for company might be negotiated case-by-case
Publicly-funded R&D projects
  • Projects, where a funding organization pays the academic partner to help industry partners enhancing existing products or creating new ones
  • Committment of company to collaborate
  • Company contribution cash and/or in-kind
  • IP rights according to rules of funding organization (e. g. Innosuisse: at least a non-exclusive license to IP inside the company's field of use)
Joint research teams        
  • Strategic longterm collaboration on a field of common interest
  • Mixed teams of researchers from AMI and industry
  • Funding schemes and collaboration framework are negotiated
Short-term research mandates
  • Pre-feasibility study for company to test a concept or provide first results
  • Project is in field of AMI research interests and could potentially lead to future research collaboration
  • Study is financed by company (or funding organization, e. g. Innosuisse)
  • Results belong to company
Host for PhD thesis    
  • Supervision of industry researcher completing a PhD while in employment
  • Details based on discussions between partners
Other forms of collaboration 
  • AMI is always open to discussing other types of partnerships