Industry collaborations

The valorization of research results is one of the Institute's key missions. We want to bring the results of fundamental research to practical use by promoting an active technology transfer and a culture of open innovation with our partners. AMI's research strategy is based on the philosophy of exploiting synergies that arise through the dual role of «early-stage research», which allows one, if the research problems are cleverly selected, to advance fundamental science and generate results that are of value to industrial partners.

Possible Collaboration Models

Industry-funded research projects
  • Application-oriented research in fields of mutual interest
  • Financing of project cost through partner
  • Company gets rights to commercially exploit IP in their field of use
  • AMI keeps IP rights outside of company field of use
  • Exclusive IP rights for company might be negotiated case-by-case
Publicly-funded R&D projects
  • Projects, where a funding organization pays the academic partner to help industry partners enhancing existing products or creating new ones
  • Committment of company to collaborate
  • Company contribution cash and/or in-kind
  • IP rights according to rules of funding organization (e. g. CTI: at least a non-exclusive license to IP inside the company field of use)
Joint research teams        
  • Strategic longterm collaboration on a field of common interest
  • Mixed teams of researchers from AMI and industry
  • Fundig schemes and collaboration framework: tbd
Short-term research mandates
  • Pre-feasibility study for company to test a concept or provide first results
  • Project is in field of AMI research interests and could potentially lead to future research collaboration
  • Study is financed by company (or funding organization, e. g. CTI)
  • Results belog to company
Host for PhD thesis    
  • Supervision of industry researcher completing a PhD while in employment
  • Details tbd
Other forms of collaboration 
  • AMI is allways open to discussion