Extensive networks

AMI establishes and strengthens its ties to other universities and companies through memberships in important national and international networks:

For all students in Fribourg, who are interested in innovation & entrepreneurship the Innovation Club is THE community of like-minded people with complementary skills. You can get inspiration, exchange experiences, build a powerful network and form teams that work on game-changing ideas, because our club has the necessary skills, network and resources to support you

NTN Innovative Surfaces is a Swiss National Thematic Network the leading network in Switzerland for targeted and performance-oriented Knowledge & Technology Transfer (KTT) between public research institutions and companies seeking innovative surface technologies and collaborations to stimulate competitiveness and value creation.

The swiss mnt network gathers the main Swiss institutional actors in the field of micro- and nano-technology. The swiss mnt network organizes the Swiss NanoConvention, the prime showcase for nanotechnology in Switzerland.

SoftComp is a European Network of Excellence (NoE) aiming to establish a knowledge base for the intelligent design of functional and nanoscale soft-matter composites.

The Competence Center for Tissue Engineering for Drug Development (TEDD), which pools and transfers knowledge and technologies in order to promote the further development and application of in vitro cell and tissue culture. Through concrete research projects and knowledge transfer within a network of partners from various interest groups, this platform actively contributes to the development and application of alternative test methods for routine use in industry.