Technology transfer

AMI ensures that its expertise, research results, and technologies are valorized, and can contribute to solving problems as well as lead to new applications. The Institute contributes to the development of novel materials-based innovations by collaborating with implementation partners along the value chain.  The professional support offered by AMI's industrial liaison and technology transfer office guarantees a clear and efficient execution of collaboration schemes. The Institute follows the "General Principles of Technology Transfer at Swiss Universities" and is aligned with the best practices of professional technology transfer between academia and industry.

Our responsible partnerships with companies are based on the following principles:

True partnership

AMI seeks true win-win situations. We believe in projects that meet the interests of AMI researchers and the needs of the industrial partner - the key to a successful partnership.  The Institute receives additional research funding to further its knowledge in a field of interest, and companies gain a competitive advantage by exploiting the findings and know-how of academics.

Furthering and sharing knowledge

The publication of relevant, high quality peer-reviewed research findings is a central role of universities. It ensures the advancement of junior academic staff, and helps position research labs in their field. Before publication, adequate time for the submission of a patent application is provided at AMI, enabling the future economic valorization of the results.

Sharing economic success

Companies build on AMI expertise and technology, developed with the support of public funding. AMI is entitled therefore to an appropriate share of revenues generated through the commercialization of the (co)-created intellectual property. This money is re-invested into research. 

Securing intellectual property

Publishing scientific results and securing intellectual property (IP) are not contradictory and AMI is well aware of the value of IP. Together with its cooperation partners, the Institute undertakes all necessary efforts to guarantee adequate protection of its research results.

AMI is a founding member and partner of TechTransfer Fribourg and an active member of the following Swiss and European technology transfer associations:

  • Swiss Technology Transfer Association (SwiTT)
  • Association of European Science & Technology Professionals (ASTP)