The Adolphe Merkle Institute

The Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) is an independent competence center at the University of Fribourg that focuses on research and education in the domain of soft nanomaterials. Find out more about us here.


Women in Biointerface Science

A special focus issue of the AVS journal "Biointerphases" puts the research of 15 women in the spotlight, including Adolphe Merkle Institute Professors Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser and Alke Fink, who are…

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Special journal issue to mark AMI tenth anniversary

The Adolphe Merkle Institute has joined forces with Small, a high-impact scientific journal covering nanotechnology, to produce a special 10th anniversary issue showcasing the research currently being…

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NanoLockin takes home innovation prize

The Adolphe Merkle Institute spin-off NanoLockin has been awarded the 2018/2019 canton Fribourg innovation prize in the start-up category. The company, launched earlier this year, has developed a detection…

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