The Adolphe Merkle Institute

The Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) is an independent competence center at the University of Fribourg that focuses on research and education in the domain of soft nanomaterials. Find out more about us here.


A new method to help eradicate malaria

Researchers at the Adolphe Merkle Institute have discovered a novel method to detect the presence of malaria parasites in blood samples. This is now being applied to develop a tool for the detection of…

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European funding to help find order amid chaos

The Adolphe Merkle Institute's chair of Soft Matter Physics at the University of Fribourg, Professor Ullrich Steiner, has been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant by the European Research Council.…

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Malaria project awarded innovation prize

The Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) Hemolytics malaria diagnosis project has taken third prize at the Ypsomed Innovation Fund's Innovation Award for research, development and technology transfer.

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