The Adolphe Merkle Institute

The Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) is a leading independent nanoscience competence center at the University of Fribourg that focuses on interdisciplinary research (polymers, physics, biology, biophysics, and materials) and education in the domain of soft nanomaterials. Find out more about us here.


Breakthrough in membrane technology could impact multiple industries

Researchers from the Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI), together with international collaborators, have pioneered a novel method for creating thin, energy-converting membranes that mimic the structure and…

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Plastics soon to be more easily degradable?

Researchers at the Adolphe Merkle Institute, in collaboration with the Technical University of Darmstadt, have developed a new type of polymer - the main component of plastics - that is more easily degradable…

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AMI professor honored by international council

The Adolphe Merkle Institute's Assistant Professor Jovana Milic has been appointed as one of the International Science Council's 100 new Fellows, the highest honor conferred on an individual by the organization.

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BioPhysics (Mayer)
Smart Energy Materials (Milic)
Soft Matter Physics (Steiner)
Mechanoresponsive Materials (Clough)