The Adolphe Merkle Institute

The Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) is a leading independent competence center at the University of Fribourg that focuses on interdisciplinary research (polymers, physics, biology, biophysics, and materials) and education in the domain of soft nanomaterials. Find out more about us here.


Faculty prize goes to AMI alum

Adolphe Merkle Institute alum Dr. Anirvan (Gogol) Guha is the winner of this year's Vigener Prize for the University of Fribourg's Faculty of Science and Medicine.

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An updated safety management tool for nanomaterials in labs

Researchers at the Adolphe Merkle Institute and colleagues have presented a revised safety management system for nanomaterials in laboratories in response to identified gaps in hazard assessment.

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Our annual report

The latest annual report from the Adolphe Merkle Insitute is now online. This edition touches on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on AMI's activities, but more importantly highlights our scientists'…

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