Our stories

All through the year, we produce a number of stories about our research results and the achievements of our scientists. If you are interested in finding out more about our work, please read on to learn further details about the exciting and innovative work being carried out at the Adolphe Merkle Institute.

Bond breaking

Making supramolecular polymers tougher

Platinum control

Creating nanoparticles at the right time and the right place

Sticky attack

Worm slime provides template for polymeric materials

Human health

Investigating the impact of microplastics

On the surface

Using polymers to build a better battery


Slowing down to improve nanopore measurements

Sunny outlook

New perspectives for more stable perovskite materials


Creating new membranes to separate liquids

New approach

A better understanding of lung tissue repair mechanics


Crystal formation holds clues to fighting disease

Hole in one 

Developing bigger nanopores to measure molecules

On and off

Using light to control nanoreactors