Ethical guidelines

The Adolphe Merkle Institute staff follow an ethical charter. They respect ethical standards in their behavior at the workplace and act responsibly in planning and executing their research and teaching.

At AMI, we:

  • respect human rights, protect personal information, prevent any kind of harassment and discrimination based on nationality, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or any other reason, and act whenever needed to prevent such behavior;
  • comply with international rules, applicable laws and regulations, school rules, the spirit of such rules, locally accepted societal standards and foster an environment of mutual trust and respect;
  • teach with integrity, fairness, dignity and honesty and maintain a professional relationship with students;
  • plan, conduct, document and communicate research and interpret results according to the highest international standards;
  • limit testing on animals, wherever possible and be committed to applying high standards of animal welfare and to using animals responsibly;
  • not accept funding from sources that might lead to influencing of research results or their interpretation or lead to a conflict of interest;
  • not conduct research that has the goal of producing results that can be used to harm humans, animals or the environment or can be anticipated of being misused for the latter;
  • use resources in a sustainable way and contribute with their research to the same, wherever possible.