PhD student, Polymer Chemistry & Materials

Adolphe Merkle Institute Chemin des Verdiers 4 CH-1700 Fribourg Switzerland

Office: C113
Phone:+41 26 300 9123
orcidID logo0000-0002-6998-1949

Laura Neumann graduated at the department of Chemical Technology at the Eindhoven University of Technology, with a focus on supramolecular chemistry. Her master project in the group of Prof. Bert Meijer concerned supramolecular polymers for organocatalysis in water. Furthermore, she did both an academic internship at UC Santa Barbara, USA, as well as an industrial internship at DSM, an global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials.

Currently, Laura is working as a PhD student in Prof. Christoph Weder's research group, focusing on the synthesis and characterization of mechanoresponsive supramolecular polymers. More specifically, she is investigating metal-ligand interactions and their structure-property relationships in solution as well as in the solid state. Besides doing research, she is also organizing the yearly AMI-ski day and the weekly cake time on Fridays.