CLOUGH Jessica

Jessica_sq IMG_5617_September 30, 2022.jpg

Assistant Professor, Prima Fellow, Mechanoresponsive Materials

Adolphe Merkle Institute Chemin des Verdiers 4 CH-1700 Fribourg Switzerland

Office: B227
Phone:+41 26 300 9519
orcidID logo0000-0003-3701-7829

Jessica M. Clough is an Assistant Professor at the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Fribourg, leading the Mechanoresponsive Materials research group. She completed her undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and obtained her PhD from Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands). Following a postdoctoral appointment at Wageningen University (The Netherlands), she moved to Switzerland to take up a Women in Science postdoctoral fellowship from the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials. In 2022, she was awarded a PRIMA grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to start her independent group at the University of Fribourg and was promoted to Assistant Professor. Her group’s current research is focused on developing optical reporters of mechanical deformation for polymeric materials.