Links and partners

A selection of links to our official partners and regulatory information. 

Partners is an independent, national platform pooling the scientific and regulatory knowledge and expertise available in Switzerland on the safe handling of synthetic nanomaterials – from production to use and disposal. 


Swiss nanotechnology regulatory framework

InfoNano is the Swiss federal authorities central information hub for nanotechnology.

EU regulation on the provision of food information to consumers

This EU regulation defines what is an engineered nanomaterial in relation to its use in foodstuffs.

EU definition of nanomaterials

This EU document provides the agreed definition of nanomaterials by member states.


Topas Therapeutics GmbH contacted SNA to analyze nanoparticles for medical applications. As a result, the client gained information about the size and stability of nanoparticles in blood. This information is a crucial step towards fulfilling regulatory application requirements.


"SNA is an important cooperation partner for us as they provide expertise and high-end instrumentation for the characterization of NPs in biological and medical applications." is the Swiss national contact point regarding safe handling of nanomaterials and regulatory issues. Start-ups and SMEs, as well as established companies receive access to shared knowledge about production, use and disposal of synthetic nanomaterials.


“SNA is a crucial strategic cooperation partner for us as we share the aim to support the safe and sustainable use of nanomaterials in Switzerland.”

NanoCleanAir is a Swiss group with more than 25 years of international experience in the elimination of pollutants from exhaust gases from internal combustion engines. It also provides consulting, engineering, development and measurement services in the field of virus and nanoparticles in the air we breathe indoors.


"We contacted SNA to establish a method for determining the filter efficiency of a virus model particle using a specific filter test rig. This fruitful collaboration resulted in expertise to determine filter efficiency from viral particles and their de-activation. This knowledge is now available as a service to the industry and academic partners by combining the NanoCleanAir expertise in the field of aerosol technology with SNA expertise in bio-nano materials."