We offer a number of services related to the detection and analysis of nanoparticles:


Characterization of raw materials like powders and nanoparticles

Particle size, shape or elemental composition 


Detection of particles in consumer products such as cosmetics or food

Particle presence, size and elemental composition 


Characterization of nanomedicines (vesicles, liposomes, polymer particles, mRNA vaccines, biomedical products, drug carriers)

Particle size and colloidal stability can be analyzed in specific suspensions (physiological suspensions, plasma, cell culture medium)


Filter efficiency measurements or on other virucidal systems (with MS2 bacteriophages)


We also offer development of procedures, consulting, training workshops (e.g. light scattering, electron microscopy, cell culture).


You find out more about the techniques we use with examples here on our isolation and analysis pages.