Swiss NanoAnalytics organizes different workshops related to nanoparticle characterization in relation to the techniques we are using for our services.
We offer certain workshops in collaboration with industrial partners to ensure the relevance of the application, as is the case for our annual Workshop on Dynamic light scattering, co-organized with Instrumat, specialists in measuring instrumentation.

Particle sizing

Who organizes the workshop? The workshop is co-organized by Swiss NanoAnalytics, BioNanomaterials Group, and Instrumat.

To whom is it addressed? To anyone, researcher or collaborator or industrial, who needs to characterize colloidal dispersion, but is no expert in dynamic light scattering.

How long is the workshop? You have the option to participate in a 1-day session that combines the theoretical part and demos on the instrument; or a 2 days session that brings you the possibility to bring your own sample to give it a trial.

When is the next edition? 27th and 28th of September 2023



Previous editions:

  • 2022.10.12-13 Particle sizing